I have been coding for over 20 years.  My work includes code written in a multitude of languages from COBOL to .NET.  Lately I've decided to delve into the world of mobile development using Objective-C, swift, and Java.  Regardless of the medium, I love coding and finding solutions to real-world needs.


To say I have a passion for technology would be a gross understatement.  I love all things related to technology, and I love to learn about it from any and all sources.  I am blessed to be working in a field that I love, doing those things that I'm passionate about.  I wish everyone could experience this feeling.



As if this weren't obvious from my other two posts, I'm pretty much a huge geek.  I was geek before it was cool, but I've always been okay with who I am.  When I'm not coding or playing with my kids, I enjoy old-school table-top games, r/c vehicles, and pretty much anything else that makes me think.

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I am a father of three beautiful kids, and I am married to my beautiful wife of 20 years.  Throughout my professional career, I've held many technology related jobs which have enabled me to grow my technical skills further than I could possibly have imaged or hoped for.  Despite how far I've come, I can't help but feel that I'm just at the tip of the iceberg.  I"m blessed to have my dream job, and I hope to never quite learning how to improve myself and my skill set.  Since I was a young boy, I was always interested in becoming a software developer, and now that I'm here I know that I made the right choice.

I am currently employed by Six Flags Entertainment Corp as the Sr. Enterprise Architect.  I can honestly say that I feel like I've got the greatest job on earth.  I actually worked at the park when I was a teenager (as did most kids at that time because it was the thing to do).  I quickly realized that Six Flags was more than just a job.  It was something I was really passionate about.  In fact, it's where I met my wife, and most of my current friends.  For that reason, when the opportunity to come back to Six Flags doing what I love, I jumped at the chance.  We have a great team, and have built a very nice enterprise solution on the Microsoft Technology Stack.  We are constantly improving our software to take advantage of current best practices, and to improve the technology we use so that guests have a more pleasant experience.

So aside from my family, my job, and my passion for technology and coding, I am passionate about coffee.  Although both my wife and my doctor think 2-3 pots per day is bad, at least I drink it black.  :-)  Hey, it's my one vice, and besides, what do they know? 

Finally, why "Llaslo"?  Well, it all started with the 1985 Val Kilmer movie "Real Genius".  Not coincidentally, this is a movie about a bunch of incredibly intelligent geeks in college.  There is a strange guy who lives in one of their closets, and I just liked his style.  His name was Lazlo Hollyfeld.  I always thought it would be cool to have that name, but I had to make it my own so I changed the spelling to be "Llaslo".

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